This is the brand new Prediction Section of Phydbac. This server is meant to make automated functional predictions for pasted sequences. To determine some putative functional features, genomic context analysis is applied to the sequence of interest.

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Francois Enault
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Welcome to New Prediction Section of Phydbac

The non-homology based methods allow to determine proteins potentially linked to the pasted sequence. Functional predictions are then made out of the annotations of the proteins associated with the query.
The comparative genomic methods used here are :
- Phylogenetic Profiling : identifies proteins that have evolved in a similar manner to the sequence of interest.
- Genomic proximity : identifies proteins that are found nearby on 1 or more genome.
- Domain Fusion events : determines the Pfam domains that are found fused with domains matching the given sequence.
- New options to go further.

Predictions will soon be computed for chosen organisms.
A tutorial explaining the prediction procedure will also be added.

Choose a bacteria
Enter a gene name
(Examples:b0009, thrA, yaaI)
Access the genes by words in their annotation
(Examples:hydrolase, transporter)

Paste a sequence for which you want to have putative functional predictions
Paste your sequence in fasta format.

If you find results from this site helpful for your research, please cite:

Francois Enault, Karsten Suhre & Jean-Michel Claverie
Phydbac "Gene Function Predictor" : a gene annotation tool based on genomic context analysis ,
BMC Bioinformatics, 2005 Oct 12;6(1):247.

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