Phydbac is a web interactive tool that display phylogenomic profiles of bacterial protein sequences. It also provides a way to identify, in a given organism, the proteins that have the most similar sequence conservation profiles to a query protein. The analysis of the annotation of those phylogenomic neighbors may help generate hypothetical functions for the query protein(s). This is the second major release of Phydbac (01/02/2004).

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Interactive tutorial to understand everything you need to know about Phydbac.
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Description of the latest update of Phydbac as well as some supplementary material (animation, graphic..).
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Restricted access
Access to potential bioterrorist organisms is now protected.
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Francois Enault
home page
Welcome to Phydbac's new release

The Prediction Section is now available

New : Viral proteins phylogenetic profiling available !

New : Mimivirus Phylogenetic profiling available !

- More than 50 organisms processed and available.
- Genomic proximity and gene fusion events now computed and displayed.
- New options to go further.

An entertaining brand new guided tour to understand how Phydbac works and how to use it.

Choose a bacteria
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Enter a gene name
(Examples:b0009, thrA, yaaI)
Access the genes by words in their annotation
(Examples:hydrolase, transporter)
Access a KEGG pathway
(Examples: Sterol, Energy)
Enter a sequence and find the most similar ones in the chosen bacteria
Paste your sequence in fasta format.

If you find results from this site helpful for your research, please cite:

Francois Enault, Karsten Suhre, Olivier Poirot, Chantal Abergel & Jean-Michel Claverie Phydbac 2 : improved inference of gene function using interactive phylogenomic profiling and chromosomal location analysis, Nucleic Acids Research, 2004 Jul 1;32(Web Server issue):W336-94.

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